Meet Our Tuning Expert

Matthew Lambert


My name is Matthew Lambert. Born in 1991, I started my career during high school working as a mechanic in a BMW shop called Bimmer Auto in Dallas Texas. The first two years of my career were spent in an apprenticeship with a focus on drivability, engine management, and CAN bus diagnostics.

This focus ultimately paved the way for a career in calibrations and engine management. After working for a few shops in the Dallas area that didn't focus enough on performance upgrades and tuning, I ultimately founded Cedar Performance with a 100% focus on performance upgrades and modifications. During my time at Cedar Performance, I was able to develop an arsenal of tooling, equipment, and skills, allowing me to write OEM-Level calibrations for all sorts of ECUs.

Unfortunately, I quickly realized that while Cedar Performance was a means to an end--if I continued to grow the business in the direction it was going, I would likely be unable to continue writing creative new calibrations with the requisite level of care. I didn't consider farming software out overseas as a valid option.

I remained in limbo for quite a while, considering my options and trying to decide where to go next. I spoke with my old friend Abdul at EAE Motorsports and explained my situation. He had been working closely with Peter from Partee Racing and when I mentioned that I was interested in partnering up with somebody, the wheels started turning. In a very short time, we reached an agreement under which I would become Partee Racing's full-time tuner and sell my 4WD Dynojet to Partee Racing for installation at its Danville, Virginia shop.

Moreover, the agreement provides that my previous and future tunes will be marketed and sold by EAE Motorsports on behalf of Partee Racing. The enormous benefit to me is that, by being part of a much larger and more diverse organization, I can focus on what I love: tuning software development. Although the vast majority of my efforts have gone into turbo applications, I am very excited to be presented with an opportunity to provide world-class tuning using modern technologies and strategies and develop products for the more classic BMW platforms such as the E39 M5 and E46 M3.

Peter, Abdul, and I look forward to many years of partnership providing the best in available tuning and related products!